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Here Are 3 Ideas for A Memorable At-Home Date

Yes, there is such a thing as an At-Home or Home Date. And there’s nothing wrong with choosing them over those fancy restaurant. Even if you are spending the whole evening at home, you can still have fun and enjoy a memorable evening. Here are some cool ideas you might want to consider for your next home date:

  1. Sing together.

If you both love singing, you don’t have to go to karaoke joints or bars. You can sing all the songs you want while on a home date. You will need only your laptop, a good portable speaker, and YouTube. Yes, you can search for karaoke versions of songs on YouTube. Just type the title of the song on the YouTube search bar, add the word “karaoke” at the end and press enter! Voila! You’ll find all the karaoke songs you want, and you’ll have fun singing your heart out – just the two of you. Isn’t that a different kind of romantic?

  1. Watch a movie and fall asleep.

You don’t have to go to the movie house to enjoy your favorite movie! Simply set up your TV set and connect it to your computer. Choose your favorite Netflix movie and enjoy! To add a romantic note to your home date, take out the mattress from your bedroom and bring some fluffy pillows. Stay beside each other while watching the movie – and fall asleep just as it’s about to end. Definitely a date to remember!

  1. Play a game you both like.

You can play Dungeons & Dragons, LOL (League of Legends), WoW (World of Warcraft), or board and card games like Exploding Kitten and Scrabble. Play any game you want and prepare a consequence for the losing player. The consequences should be funny and outrageous. If you do not have video, board, or card games, pick your favorite games on Wii or Xbox and follow the same rules: the loser has to perform a consequence. If you still do not have a Wii or Xbox, maybe you have some puzzles? Take them out and get one for yourself while you give the other to your date. First one to complete the puzzle wins!

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