Canada is an exciting country. It’s populated by people from different parts of the world, so you’re bound to meet someone who came halfway around the world. The City of Vancouver is as diverse as the entire country as its residents represent different ethnic origins. This is one of the reasons why Vancouver – and Canada in general – is a good place to explore if you are looking for a date or a significant other.

Fraser Valley AHL is a blog dedicated to dating and relationships. The site is so-called because we are originally from Fraser Valley, a small community located near the Fraser River basin in British Columbia. We started this blog because we want to share our experiences with dating, as well as what we’ve learned so far about relationships. We do not consider ourselves experts, but we do have a lot of knowledge and experience; and these are what we use to help come up with good tips, guides, How-tos, discussions, and suggestions that might be of help to you.

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