Here at Fraser Valley NHL, we call our events PARTIES. Parties are opportunities for our friends to meet and mingle and eventually find their ideal dates and relationship partners. We organize these parties regularly, to give our friends the chance to relax, have fun, and explore the possibilities that cross their paths.


Meet & Greets

Meet and greets are usually reserved for celebrities who are meeting their fans for the first time. Here is Fraser Valley AHL, Meet & Greets are parties or special events where members of our virtual community meet each other (for the first time). Often, there are games and activities geared towards breaking barriers and establishing friendships. We believe that this is the perfect way to introduce like-minded individuals to one another.


Dating Workshops

They’re called workshops, but they really are more than that. Dating Workshops are pocket events where our online community members get the chance to meet dating experts. There are talks, Q & A sessions, photo opportunities, and some members may event get the chance to experience a one-on-one counseling session with chosen dating experts.


Talk Shows

Talk Shows are actually counseling sessions that are disguised as parties. Only those who are willing to share their experiences are encouraged to join. These are parties because they celebrate freedom of expression; every participant is given the opportunity to speak up and share. Like a regular party, food and drinks are served.


Personality Makeover Parties

Personality Makeover Parties are for individuals who want a makeover in the real sense of the word. Usually, a personal makeover party has a special guest or special guests who are tasked to talk about and share their experiences regarding personality development. These parties are intended to help people feel better about themselves, so they will also gain self-confidence.


Date Nights

Date Nights are regular events where a participant gets the chance to introduce him or herself to the group. He/She is given five minutes to talk about himself; to “sell” himself. After which, an auction will be held to determine the highest bidder, who will then win a date with the participant who was auctioned. More or less five ladies and five gentlemen are auctioned on every date night. Since these are parties, there is an unlimited supply of food and drinks.