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Go on a Gym Date: 3 Suggestions to Make It the Perfect One

If you find restaurant and movie dates to be boring, you might want to switch gears and consider bringing your date to the gym. Yes, to the gym where you work out. You can do workout routines together, or if he/she is a first-timer, you can assist him/her. Bringing your date to the gym is one of the most creative and unique date ideas. But how do you make it the perfect one?

  1. The gym you choose plays a significant role.

If you workout regularly in a gym, you can choose to go there, especially if it is not too crowded at the time of your date. Some gyms are heavily populated from early evening up to a few hours before closing time. You need to be sure that your date is comfortable, so going there when a lot of people are working out might not be a good idea. If you can’t find a good schedule, try looking for another gym; a smaller one, perhaps?

  1. Prepare your date for what you will do.

You have to give your date an idea of what your workout routine is like. Of course, you have to ask for advice from your coach because your routine might not be suitable for your date. If this is the case, he/she will have to follow a workout program or routine made especially for your date. Even then, you can still perform the routine together and go on with your date. This is a good idea because it promotes health and fitness, something that not a lot of couples consider or think about. If this becomes a regular thing, the two of you can continue your fitness journey until you both reach your goals.

  1. You need to eat after working out.

After working out, bring your date to your favorite restaurant and feed him/her. If you did a CrossFit exercise or anything that’s similarly draining (like plyometrics or Shaun T’s Insanity workout), you need to load up on protein and carbohydrates. Choose the healthy alternatives, though. You won’t want to waste all the lifting, running, and punching that you just did, would you?

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